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Fullstack has the highest CIRR-compliant placement rate among all reporting schools in New York

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Zach Caceres - Engineer at Lorem Technologies
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Fullstack's reporting methods are in full compliance with CIRR, the industry standard for placement stats. This means we include 100% of students in our reporting. We don't pad our stats like some schools do by excluding some alumni. Learn more about CIRR here.


We show students the full picture because we care about their success


We empower students to make the best decision for each of them


We stand by our numbers and encourage students to interrogate them

Fullstack NYC has the top CIRR placement rate

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Fullstack has the highest CIRR compliant placement rate among all reporting schools in New York

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What's CIRR?

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Fullstack Academy NYC Placement Rates

180 Days From Graduation


180+ Days From Graduation

Most Recent CIRR Reporting Period 180
180 +
Employed full-time in paid, in field positions 70% 79.2%
Not employed 21.7% 11.7%
Not reporting 6.7% 6.7%
Employed in other positions 1.7% 2.5%

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