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Prepare for the admissions exam to get into Fullstack @ SLO

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The path to success starts with preparation

And that’s what you’ll be doing in this intense, 3.5 week online class. It starts with a free 10 hour self paced online class.

​Find Your Passion

Everyone can learn to code, but is it for you? This course is a great way to try your hand at writing code from the comfort of your home.​

Build a Foundation

Learn the building blocks of programming (including key areas like variables, loops, conditionals and arrays) and how to solve real-world coding problems.

Pass the exam

On average, students who take this course are 2.5x more likely to be accepted into Fullstack Academy than those who don't.

Online, in real time.

Study with other students from SLO, in the comfort of your own home. With Fullstack's amazing learning platform, you'll get a true classroom experience, adapted for live remote learning.

Convenient evening schedule

You’ll attend class 4 nights per week (Monday-Thursday, 6:40 PM to 9:40 PM).

Each night, you'll start by watching a live lecture

You'll learn coding concepts in a fun and engaging lecture (in a group setting) that makes it easier to understand tough concepts.

Then you'll solve coding challenges in your web browser

The best way to learn is by doing, and that's how you'll spend most of your time in this course.

What you'll learn

As a student in Bootcamp Prep, you'll work through a curated collection of the best coding challenges from all of Fullstack's course offerings. By doing this, you'll develop a strong understanding of the fundamentals of programming.

The course is intense and mentally demanding, so we only recommend it for those who are truly committed to attending Fullstack @ SLO, or another elite coding school.

Defining and invoking functions
Data types
Control flow, truthy/falsey, and loops
Multidimensional arrays and nested loops

Get an edge when applying to Fullstack

Here are some more reasons why it's a great idea to take Bootcamp Prep

Taught by Industry Professionals

We're always bragging about how great Fullstack's instructors are. When you take this course, you'll be able to see for yourself.

Real-time help from teaching fellows

If you get stuck, just click on the “Help Desk” button to get instant support via chat or video conference.

Gateway to Our Immersive Program

If you pass the final exam for Bootcamp Prep, then that counts as passing the entrance exam for Fullstack @ SLO!

“ Want to join a study group with other students in SLO? Then join us at a Bootcamp Prep meetup at the SLO County Office of Education. You can be a part of the local community of learners, and get support from coding mentors who are on-site.”

Dan Weeks
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Student Reviews

Customer Testimonails

Instructors are amazing and very helpful! I would recommend this course to all my friends.

Sandy Mak

Customer Testimonails

The Bootcamp Prep program was exactly what I needed in order to pass the Fullstack entrance exam. It was not only informative but enjoyable.

Michael Romani

Customer Testimonails

Getting to do pair programming with other beginners gave me tons of confidence even though I was definitely one of the most beginner beginners in the class. AND, not to mention, I was able to get into Fullstack about three weeks after the course was over, something I was not sure I was ready for at all prior to taking the course!

Annalee Switek

Customer Testimonails

The deeper sense of understanding JavaScript that I received from the Bootcamp Prep course allowed me to approach my application and interview process with confidence.

Shannon Kendall

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Pair Programming Problems
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Mon-Thurs 6:40pm-9:40pm

Course lasts for 3.5 weeks
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