Alumni Stories

One of the best reasons to attend Fullstack Academy is the student body — your classmates.

Having motivated, intelligent peers encourages you to do your best work and collaborate for excellence. Students come to Fullstack from a variety of backgrounds and for numerous reasons. Some want a career as a developer, and some aspire to start their own companies, but all are interesting, intellectual, and super nice people.

Here’s a small sample of their stories, their experiences at Fullstack, and what they went on to do after they graduated from Fullstack.

Emily Chesler (fullstack developer at Yhat)

In this episode, David speaks with Emily Chesler, who left a career in QA to study at Fullstack, and now works as a developer at data science company Yhat (pronounced "y-hat').

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Panel discussion with alumni from Dropbox, Adobe, FireEye and Cargo

David hosts a panel discussion at our "Back to the Stack conference", where a few alumni came back to our campus to talk about their lives after Fullstack.

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Daniel Margol (Developer at Vizuri)

In this episode, David speaks with Daniel Margol, who graduated from Fullstack two years ago.

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