The Software Engineering Immersive is a challenging and rewarding educational experience. With an in-depth curriculum spanning computer science fundamentals to front-end and back-end software development, Fullstack is a great environment for motivated, passionate students. The curriculum does not start at a beginner level, so some programming experience is required to succeed in the course.

Here’s what we look for in students

Programming Fundamentals

Motivated Learners

Team Players

Admissions Criteria

Fullstack's admissions criteria are centered around one goal: Ensuring you are prepared to succeed in the educational environment at Fullstack and as a software engineer after graduation.

Candidates are evaluated on a variety of criteria, including programming skill, educational/professional background, and culture fit. The weightings for these areas are not set in stone, particularly if you have a strong academic track record. We encourage all aspiring programmers to consider applying to our program; you might just find you have a natural knack and love for coding. Additionally, we recommend reading this Quora Answer where we dive deeper into this question.

Admissions Process

The Admissions Process at Fullstack has several stages:

  • 1
    Bootcamp Prep Pre-Work
  • 2
    Bootcamp Prep
  • 3
    Application & Assessment
  • 4
  • 5

Fullstack Academy has a rolling admissions process. We strive to produce a turnaround response time of 2-3 business days. We encourage you to get started with the Pre-Work as soon as possible as spots in the Bootcamp Prep cohorts are first-come-first serve. Upon completing and passing the Bootcamp Prep cohort, the course fee you paid will be refunded to you. SLO Partners is invested in your future in tech.

In the unusual case that you find yourself waiting longer than 3 business days for a response, please email for an update.

PLEASE NOTE: the enrollment period for the Software Engineering Immersive has closed.